Benefits of the Federal Irrevocable Complex Trust

Benefits of the Federal Irrevocable Complex Trust

  • Avoid probate and estate taxes
  • Avoid capital gains taxes
  • Tax reduction on income
  • Defer estate tax liability
  • Avoid lawsuit & judgment losses
  • Create a legacy for future generations
  • Insure privacy in business and real estate transaction
  • Enhance asset and income
  • Preserve and protect assets
  • Own nothing and control everything
  • Insure personal Privacy
  • Protect retirement savings
  • Isolate assets from litigation and liens
  • Provide a vehicle for the custody of children’s funds

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The “Pure Trust” Scam

You can almost hear the pitchman barking: “Hurry, hurry, hurry! It’s the legal and tax deal of the century! Pay no taxes! Protect your assets from lawsuits! Escape creditors! Gain complete financial privacy!” And all for the bargain price of $225…or $600…or $4,500.

A quick search on the Net turns up hundreds of pages of information from sites offering to sell you the know-how to set up your own “pure trust” without the need for an attorney (who would, of course, tell you it’s a scam).

Also known as the “common law trust,” the “constitutional trust” and by a dozen other names, the pure trust is so outrageous that it would be humorous if the results weren’t so disastrous:

  • You could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars setting up a pure trust (or several) that has no legal or financial value.
  • If the Internal Revenue Service catches on while you’re alive, you’ll have to pay all of the back taxes, interest and penalties on income you didn’t declare because you thought it belonged to the trust.
  • If you die before the IRS or creditors challenge your trust, your heirs will receive the unpleasant and unexpected news that, yes, all the taxes, interest and penalties you avoided during life will be taken out of your estate before they get a penny.
  • All the assets in your pure trust were really owned by you anyway, so they have to go through probate, creditors get a shot at them and they are subject to estate taxes. 
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Revocable Trusts vs. Irrevocable Trusts

This is general trust information that has been gathered from various legal sources and is not intended to be offered as a document created by 

Revocable/Irrevocable Trusts 

Here we examine the differences of revocable trusts vs irrevocable trusts. If you reposition (transfer) your assets through the use of an IRREVOCABLE TRUST, you will no longer own them. If you don’t own assets, no one will want to sue you; no one will want to track your spending habits; no one will call you to interrupt your dinner. You don’t have to go offshore. US Laws, US courts will defend and support your asset protection system. These laws have been defined by numerous court cases, over and over, right up to the Supreme Court. You must however, give-up control over your assets to a true independent trustee.

Legitimate repositioning (transfer) of assets from you to an irrevocable trust is perfectly legal. The fact is, if your assets are owned by a subchapter S. Corporation or a Limited Liability Company and in turn the shares of the Sub S or membership units of the LLC are owned by an irrevocable trust, it’s the fortress of US Asset Protection. The ultimate asset protection device is the use of an offshore asset protection trust.

The following financial grid explains the major differences between revocable vs. irrevocable trusts: FEATURES/BENEFITS  REVOCABLE TRUST (REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST)  IRREVOCABLE TRUST 
Asset Protection  ABSOLUTELY NO Asset Protection. NONE. The Grantor, The Trustee, and the Beneficiary are generally the same person. The Grantor did not give-up control of the asset(s). YES. The Grantor no longer owns the assets. Assets have been transferred to the INDEPENDENT Trustee who has a fiduciary duty to manage the assets for the benefit of all beneficiaries, which may include the Grantor.
Eliminate Probate  YES YES
Eliminate Estate Taxes  NO YES. Assets are not subject to the Estate Tax. The deceased did not “own” the assets or have assets in his possession at the time of his death.
Form 1040 income tax benefits  YES. You have done nothing. You still “own” the assets. All Income and Expenses flow-through to the Grantor’s form 1040. YES. If this is a Grantor-Type Trust, for income tax purposes, all income and expenses can flow through to the Grantor’s form 1040.
Comments:  The Revocable Trust is designed to eliminate probate. DOES NOT eliminate estate taxes; ABSOLUTELY NO asset protection. The Revocable Trust is nothing more than an extension of your will. For asset protection purposes the trust is irrevocable. Under certain conditions, the trust can be designed to be a pass-through trust

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Who is CLIENT WERKS, LLC, and Nicholas Parino, JR?

Those of you who are our valued customers, or who have received our informational releases, or participated in our bi-weekly teleconference calls, know the professionalism of Trusts Unlimited. We provide for our Dinarian customers, the finest turnkey pre and post RV Services available today. And our Attorney and Staff have collectively some 75 years of experience, specializing in the areas of Estate Planning and Asset Protection. Some weeks ago, a wholly unprovoked attack was initiated upon us by one Nicholas A. “Nick” Parino, Jr., the principal of a company known as Client Werks, LLC. Evidently, Mr. Parino has been attempting to proselytize our customers by besmirching our reputation, and making false statements regarding the viability of our Wyoming Irrevocable Trust Package. Aside from the erroneous statements that Mr. Parino has repeatedly made regarding our services, this individual, whom we have never met or with whom we have had any business dealings, has now stooped to adolescent name calling and wholly unsubstantiated innuendo regarding our integrity.


Not knowing Mr. Parino, we initially gave him the benefit of the doubt, and sought to simply correct his statements regarding Trusts Unlimited. Unfortunately, Mr. Parino proceeded to either ignore our corrections, and/or pursue another line of accusations and innuendo. So inasmuch as Mr. Parino will not relent in his groundless attacks, we feel it is time to ask a few questions regarding Client Werks, LLC and its principal, Nicholas A. “Nick” Parino, Jr.

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Buyer Be Informed – Who is Trusts Unlimited?

Recently an organization known as “The Gang at Client Werks, LLC” put out a blog entitled “BUYER BEWARE—WHO IS TRUSTS UNLIMITED” seeming to question the very existence and legality of Trusts Unlimited.  The gang’s half-truths and innuendos attempted to expose Trusts Unlimited as some sort of “fly-by-night”, “Johnny come lately” to the dinar trust world.  So as to set the record straight Trusts Unlimited takes this opportunity to categorically answer the so-called charges set forth by “The Gang at Client Werks, LLC.”  Their questions and Trusts Unlimited’s responses are as follows:

What is the state of organization for Trusts Unlimited LLC?

Trusts Unlimited is the business trade name for one of the divisions of Proactive Solutions, LLC, which is registered in good standing with the Wyoming Secretary of State and has been since February 15, 2011, long before Client Werks, LLC was organized.  In fact, Proactive Solutions, LLC was organized and writing trusts for dinarians at a time when the organizer and principal of Client Werks, LLC was on his way to bankruptcy servicing heavy equipment and delivering fruit from Nevada to Virginia and finally, Missouri.

What is your business address in Wyoming?

Proactive Solutions, LLC, and hence Trusts Unlimited’s, business address is 109 East 17th St, Ste. 63, Cheyenne, WY 82001.

Who is your registered agent in Wyoming?

Registered Agents of Wyoming, LLC, 400 E. 20th Street, Cheyenne, WY 82001.

How do you substantiate your claim that your trusts are valid in Wyoming?

Any trust can be written anywhere by any competent attorney or individual providing for another state’s law to be controlling.  This is nothing new: experienced estate planning attorneys have done this for years.

How do you comply with Wyoming law?

The use of creditor protection statutes in the United States is a fairly recent phenomenon.  In 1997 Alaska became the first state to adopt self-settled spendthrift trust legislation which was quickly followed by Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming and seven other states.  Wyoming has been a leader in asset protection legislation and has been since 1979 when it enacted the first LLC legislation in the country.  Trusts Unlimited’s trust package incorporates the Wyoming Spendthrift Trust law as the governing or controlling law of its trust package and provides a unique mechanism employed by offshore trusts to remove the current trustee and replace him/her with a qualified Wyoming trustee at any time a lawsuit or any other “event of duress” occurs without any action, whatsoever, on the part of the trustmaker/beneficiary of the trust. This is permitted under Wyoming law.

Who is the Wyoming law firm or attorney that you used to review your trusts for compliance with Wyoming law and produce a written opinion?

Any competent attorney familiar with asset protection can draft a trust to comply with the laws of another state without being admitted to practice in that state.  The selection of Wyoming law is rather commonplace among experienced asset protection lawyers and they are not necessarily licensed to practice law in Wyoming.  The attorney for Proactive Solutions, LLC/Trusts Unlimited has over 20 years of experience in asset protection and trust work, both domestically and internationally.  He has authored several legal articles on the subject of asset protection as well as addressed several national law groups on the subject.  Further, he is a frequent lecturer at continuing education classes for attorneys on the subject of asset protection and is well-qualified to review and oversee documents for Trusts Unlimited.  In fact, it was the attorney for Trusts Unlimited who developed the unique language employed by the master trust included in the materials marketed by Trusts Unlimited which makes Trusts Unlimited’s package unique and provides the element of protection and anonymity desired by its customers.

Client Werks, LLC is the organization that a buyer should really beware of.  In addition to spreading malicious innuendos and half-truths about its competition, it advocates the use of Wyoming trusts to essentially violate the laws of several states which could subject those who rely on their representations to possible criminal sanctions for tax evasion in the state where they live, assuming, that is, that the customer ever receives their work after having paid for it.  If you would like more information on what Trusts Unlimited does, or facts to shed light on the half-truths spread by “The Gang at Client Werks, LLC”, please visit our website at http://, email us at or call us at 307.274.4122.

For more information on just who Client Werks, LLC and its principal, Nicholas A. “Nick” Parino, Jr., click here.

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